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Hexafly produces free e-book for eco-conscious gardeners

Six-page guide designed to help gardeners discover what organic inputs to choose from



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6 May 2021

Hexafly has produced a free e-book titled ‘Soil Matters, Let’s Grow Together for A Better Planet’ to educate eco-conscious gardeners on soil matters.

The six-page guide was designed to help readers discover the different organic inputs to choose from and how and when to use them. It can also help them learn how using an insect fertiliser can help with root development, nourish plant growth, and even strengthen plant’s defenses from attack from pests and diseases such as aphids and parasitic fungi.

The e-book was developed in response to the increase in gardening over the lockdown period.  According to The Irish Times, lockdown has seen spending on gardening hit record highs with an incredible 51% increase in plants bought in 2020. Not only that, spending on garden edibles such as herbs, fruit and vegetables is the highest it’s been in 20 years.

Hexafly’s organic insect fertiliser Hexafrass is suitable for a variety of commercial and small-holding horticulture practices as well as the home-gardener and GIYer. It is of particular interest to organic soft-fruit growers, vegetable and flower producers, viticulturists, and garden enthusiasts.

Farming insects is a relatively new process and Irish company Hexafly has only been in operation since 2016. It farms 1 million adult Black Soldier Flies to produce a valuable sustainable protein and it is during this process ‘frass’, or insect castings, is collected, dried and milled to make Hexafrass. Containing slow-release nitrogen and bio-active chitin, it is the perfect choice for eco-conscious gardeners looking to reduce their nitrogen footprint.

To download the free e-book, please click here.

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