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Helping you grow plants sustainably

Dorus Rijkers, International Technical Manager for ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers advise on growing sustainably 



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30 June 2016

Everywhere you turn you hear about sustainability; sustainability of businesses, the environment and of the people businesses employ. But what does it mean? How do you create a sustainable business covering all these aspects? The truth is, no matter how you look at it, profit is the most important element to create a sustainable business; good profitability provides the pathway for the care of people and the planet, but creating a sustainable business is a continuous process.

Growing plants the sustainable way

In today’s ever more competitive market, the horticultural supply chain is asking for sustainably grown plants, with the list of legal obligations ever increasing and turning in to growing practices. It seems that it is more often than not the grower that has to fulfill these requirements, over the retailers who sell on the end product. At ICL we aim to help growers become more profitable within this sustainable culture.

How can we help you?

The requirements for sustainable plants drive us to develop innovative concepts and products for the horticultural market. We offer a package of tools for growers to Grow, Nurture and Protect their plants to the highest standards.

  1. With our continuously improving Controlled Release Fertilizers, we helping growers decrease nutrients leaching. Moreover, the nutrients follow predesigned release patterns, matching the plant’s need;
  2. Our raw materials are specially selected for their efficiency and water solubility ensuring the nutrients are available to the plant during the growing season;
  3. Continuous product development and improved technologies help us optimise product performance and improve plant health day after day;
  4. ICL invests in sustainable technologies and initiatives. We take care of your and our environment by keeping customers’ profitability a key priority;
  5. We are building knowledge and value for the entire horticultural business chain. We work on sustainability, together with other growing media manufacturers, governments, horticultural associations, growers, the chemical industry and suppliers, etc.

Our team of Technical Area Sales Managers is on hand, through our Levington Advance Solutions programme, to help growers throughout the season maximise their returns within the sustainable parameters we are now seeing within the market.


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