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How garden centres can avoid queues this Christmas

With long queues inevitable – a seasonal frustration for many – effective ticketing solutions is a must for garden centres wishing to make the most from their Christmas events.

Garden Connect has created a solution that will help to streamline the ticketing process for major Christmas events for garden centres such as Santa's grotto, Christmas dinner, and other festive events.



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3 September 2018

It’s only August but Garden Connect is already looking torward Christmas. ‘The most wonderful time of year’ as the old adage goes, but Christmas is also one of the busiest times of year for garden centres with many events and special dinners taking place, not to mention the grand opening of the annual Christmas Grotto.

All of this activity means one thing – more customers in-store looking to secure tickets or to join in with these festive events.

With long queues inevitable – a seasonal frustration for many – Garden Connect has created a solution that will help to streamline the ticketing process.

For many most garden centres, driving ticket sales for the Grotto or other events during the key season is a challenge as time is so limited.

However, with Garden Connect’s new and innovative online ticketing service, there is an easy to use and mobile friendly solution now available, designed to help drive ticket sales during peak times.

All controlled via a user-friendly control panel, garden centres need only to set up events with key information before the ticketing service enables tickets to be directly purchased via their own website, e-mail newsletter and Facebook page.

Edwin Meijer of Garden Connect said: “Selling tickets online saves you time and makes the process a lot easier for you as well as your customer. The professional e-ticket with barcode gives them all the information they need to know.”

An automated e-mail will be sent out a day before the event takes place as a reminder.  During the event, you can also use the free scan app to grant access to your events, track the number of visitors you already allowed in and monitor additional services you sold to your customers.

“Let’s face it: no one wants to queue. Your customers don’t want to go to your centre just to buy a ticket nor do they want to wait in line before they are allowed in into your Christmas Grotto. The worst marketing you can get is to have customers in your centre only to find out your event is already sold out.”, Meijer concluded.

Having a proper ticketing solution, easy scanning and online sales helps you & your customers. Contact Garden Connect on 0203 475 5541, go to or visit us at Glee (hall 19, stand R32) / Four Oaks (stand E164).

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