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Hozelock launch new automated watering system

Hozelock has launched a new automated watering system aimed at making watering easier for gardeners

Hozelock has recently launched a new cloud based automated watering system which will come on sale in 2016



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6 October 2015


Hozelock are launching a new range of easy-to-use products designed to revolutionise automated home watering in January, 2016. The range enables people to save time, safeguard the health of their plants and use less water by making it easy to control their watering remotely – whether they are at work, watching TV or away traveling!

The range is led by Hozelock’s new Cloud Controller which allows people to control their watering via their mobile and  what it calls a ‘refreshingly straightforward App – which even technophobes will find easy to install and understand.’ It uses a low-power, long-range radio to connect to the internet while the App eliminates any need for complex timer programming. In fact, the device can even suggest changes to watering patterns based on local weather data. Whether it is a balcony, a patio, a garden or a greenhouse, everyone will now be able manage their own oasis remotely.

‘In a world where 328 million Apps are downloaded every day and the typical British household already has at least seven connected devices, gardens are finally becoming a natural part of the connected home,’ says Carol Wright, Hozelock’s UK Marketing Manager. ‘When we first presented Hozelock’s new Cloud Controller to international markets in April, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and we are sure that the UK’s reaction will be similarly enthusiastic.’

The Cloud Controller is complemented by Hozelock’s Sensor Controller range and Easy Drip watering system – providing an integrated and flexible watering solution. The Sensor range is ready straight of the box, pre-set for the most popular duration of 10 minutes watering. Gardeners simply have to choose whether they would like their garden to be watered at dawn, dusk or both. It’s easy to change the duration of watering – which can be anywhere between 2 minutes and an hour – and the Sensor Controller Plus also includes additional frequency adjustments, from daily to once a week.

The Hozelock Easy Drip’s range of universal drippers are simple to install and enable full control of the water flow and direction, delivering the exact water that plants need. The universal dripper safely pierces the hose without cutting and the new flexible pipe facilitates change of the dripper location, making the system easy to adjust to changing needs.

The Hozelock Easy Drip system overcomes gardener’s perception of complexity of traditional automatic watering systems. Complete compatibility with other systems ensures that gardeners can add Hozelock Easy Drip to any existing system. The range includes attractively packaged, easy to buy kits for borders and beds and for containers and baskets, so gardeners can buy just what they need and add on as their gardens extend, opening up a whole new world of garden watering.

Instinctive products which everyone can understand, coupled with informative packaging and no need for manuals, help to overcome shoppers’ confusion and uncertainty about which product they should buy. Apart from giving gardeners more time to spend on other jobs – or just sit back, relax and admire their handiwork – a key selling point is the range’s compatibility with other products. For example, Hozelock’s Easy Drip’s new range of universal drippers can be added to an existing system whichever brand it may be, while the Sensor range has a slim-line design for multi tap usage.

Wright says, ‘Hozelock has carried out a huge amount of research and worked very closely with a wide cross-section of retailers to make sure that the new range will revolutionise automated watering and successfully increase sales in garden centres and hardware stores across the country.’

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