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Wyevale Nurseries relaunches tree range

Wyevale Nurseries have launched a range of new trees which aim to improve firm garden and landscape favourites

Wyevale Nurseries in the UK has unveiled a new tree range as a result of recent research and development.


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6 October 2015

Wyevale Nurseries has recently unveiled a new range of trees following extensive research and development in recent months. The range, which is being called the ‘Select’ range has been created following the selection and improvement of forms standard trees ranges which have proven popular in the past. The range is available as bare root, root balled or container grown and is now available in commercial numbers.

The new range includes Betula pendula ‘Select’ which the nursery says “boasts an attractive upright pyramidal shape with impressive white stem colour. Its ascending canopy makes it an excellent alternative to wild type Birch if space is limited.”

“Prunus padus ‘Select’ is said to offer a strong growing, tight upright, uniform habit with smaller leaves than Prunus padus Watereri. It is also said to be a more vigorous grower than ‘Albertii’ and to make ‘just the right combination to make this lesser used native more popular as a landscape tree’.

“Quercus robur ‘Select’ – a good semi-upright, strong growing, uniform selection of the species. More open than Quercus robur fastigiata Koster.” While Tilia cordata ‘Select’ is described as “a much improved form of Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’ with darker leaves, vigorous growth and uniform habit.”

Along with introducing new varieties Wyevale Nurseries explored growing techniques and planting concepts. Commenting on this the nursery said “Our specialist range of pleached trees, true multi stem trees and pre-formed hedging in troughs provide instant impact and stunning architecture to planting schemes – commercial or domestic.”

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