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Hozelock’s campaign takes flight

The Plant-A-Pot campaign is a rewarding and affordable way for gardeners to play their part by planting bee-friendly plants.

Aware of the threat of a declining bee population, Hozelock's Plant-A-Pot campaign has successfully secured 18,000 pledges to plant bee-friendly plants in just five months.



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25 October 2018

With more than 18,000 pledges to plant bee-friendly plants in just five months Hozelock’s Plant-A-Pot campaign has been a huge success and is aiming to help keep gardeners planting bee-friendly plants and gardens buzzing next year.

Recognising that having no bees would mean virtually no flowers, no gardens and very little food, Hozelock set out with one mission – to help save Britain and Ireland’s bees and to make it easy for gardeners to play their part.

The plight of bees is something that anyone with a garden, patio or even a window box can identify with and the Plant-A-Pot campaign is a rewarding and affordable way for gardeners to play their part.

Together with donating to the Flowers for Bees campaign, in partnership with OFA, to achieve their goal of protecting bees, through their research, development, training and education programmes; Hozelock is also providing consumers with a chance of winning over €5,650 (£5,000) worth of gardening and bee-related prizes in Hozelock’s free prize draw by encouraging them to visit and pledge to #plantapot by March, 2019.

The Plant-A-Pot campaign from Hozelock has been hugely successful as consumers are becoming increasingly conscious gardeners when it comes to what they use and plant in their gardens, from herbicides to bee-friendly plants.

We know that millennials are becoming an increasingly important sector in the gardening market. Millennials are looking towards more eco-friendly solutions and methods in their gardening practices.

There is huge value in camapaigns such as Hozelocks as while they encourage gardeners to actively engage with their garden and promote eco-friendly practices, Hozelock are also associating their brand with the same values and beliefs that the consumers of 2018 hold.

Eco-friendly is in, and the more that horticulture industry leaders with a consumer market can do to associate their brand with the eco-friendly model – and have the products to back it up like Hozelock – the better they will fare with a changing market of gardeners.

With everything from automatic watering systems and a wide range of hoses to the Green Power Thermal Weeder and the Pure Range – which make natural gardening easy – Hozelock has everything consumers will need to look after their garden and help nurture the bees and other wildlife who visit it.

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