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Illegal PPP for growers from September


Use of eight Plant Protection Products (PPP) will become illegal next month



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11 August 2022

The use of eight Plant Protection Products (PPP) will become illegal next month.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s (DAFM) Pesticide Registration and Control Division (PRCD), informs the trade on Plant Protection Products (PPP) which have had their registrations revoked or expired, rendering their use illegal.

PPP for which registrations have expired or have been or will be revoked and the use of which will become illegal during September 2022.

Barclay Hudson


Barclay Chemicals Ltd 02915 31/03/2021 30/09/2022 Fluroxypyr
Comet BASF plc 02354 31/03/2021 30/09/2022 Pyraclostrobin


Dow AgroSciences Ltd 02793 31/03/2021 30/09/2022 Aminopyralid


Headland Sulphur Headland Agrochemicals Ltd 90731 30/03/2021 30/09/2022 Sulphur
Microthiol Special UPL Europe Ltd 90548 31/03/2021 30/09/2022 Sulphur
Modem BASF plc 02355 31/03/2021 30/09/2022 Pyraclostrobin
Sindoxa Sharda Cropchem Espana S.L.


06406 19/03/2022 19/09/2022 Indoxacarb
Steward DuPont (UK) Ltd 02603 19/03/2022 19/09/2022 Indoxacarb

For the full list of PPP that the use of which will, or already has, become illegal in 2022, click here.

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