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Illegal PPP for growers from September

Photo: Irina Iriser.

The use of five Plant Protection Products (PPP) will become illegal from September 30, 2020.



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12 August 2020

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s (DAFM) Pesticide Registration and Control Division (PRCD), informs the trade on Plant Protection Products (PPP) which have had their registrations revoked or expired, rendering their use illegal.

PPP for which registrations have expired, or have been, or will be, revoked, and the use of which have become illegal from September, 2020

Product name Company name PCS No Substance Registration expiry date Product use illegal from
Advanced Bug Killer W. Neudorff GmbH KG 92348 Pyrethrins 31/03/2019 30/09/2020
Mirage Adama Agricultural Solutions
UK Ltd
00412 Prochloraz 31/03/2019 30/09/2020
Pyrol Bug & Larvae Killer
W. Neudorff GmbH KG 04667 Pyrethrins 31/03/2019 30/09/2020
Sporgon 50WP BASF Plc 91288 Prochloraz 31/03/2019 30/09/2020
Sportak 45 EW BASF Plc 00644 Prochloraz  31/03/2019 30/09/2020

For the full list of PPP that the use of which will, or already has, become illegal in 2020, click here.

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