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Irish horticulture and cereal exports increased by €8m in 2022

mushroom production has a farm gate value of€173 million according to Bord Bia
Mushroom exports increased by 31% to €151 million last year, according to Bord Bia

Exports of mushrooms accounted for half (€152m) of all horticulture and cereals exports



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12 January 2023

Horticulture and cereals exports in 2022 exceeded €300 million, Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects report 2022/23 has revealed. This is an increase of €8 million on 2021’s figure.

More than half of that was derived from the export of mushrooms. Indeed mushrooms, largely destined for the UK, accounted for €152 million (-6% on 2021) worth of exports.

The UK continues to be the most important market for mushrooms. The Irish mushrooms sector faced challenges in its main market the UK, in terms of cost increases, currency fluctuations towards the end of the year and reduced retail sales as Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. The mushroom sector has shown resilience despite this.

Amenity exports grew again in 2022, after increased levels of sales in 2020 and 2021. Exports of bulbs and flowers totalled €2.3 million, while foliage and nursery stock both reached €7 million.

Plant sales are softening, but foliage sales are increasing. There is still a greater interest in gardening and the export opportunity still exists in the UK, the main market for Irish produce, because they are not self-sufficient in plant production. Exports to all markets were worth €20 million in 2022, an increase over 2021.

In the amenity sector, sales to Northern Ireland saw an increase in 2022. Northern Ireland garden centres have traditionally relied on British nurseries for their supplies, but the new Brexit arrangements mean that sales to Northern Ireland for British nurseries involves extra paperwork and logistical issues. Bord Bia said there are opportunities in Northern Ireland for Irish nurseries across the board, including niche suppliers.

Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects 2022/2023 Report is available here.

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