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John Deere introduces two new battery mowers

The new lawnmowers are environmentally friendly with no fumes or emissions and are without restrictions of a cable.

The eco-friendly models add to John Deere's range of petrol and electric walk-behind mowers.


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23 May 2017

John Deere has introduced two cordless battery powered models to its range of petrol and electric walk-behind mowers for residential customers.

As the mowers are powered by Lithium-Ion battery technology, there are no cables, petrol or pollution to worry about. Suitable for areas of grass up to 400m² or 500m², the cordless mowers are quiet and fuss free.

The new lawnmowers are environmentally friendly with no fumes or emissions and without the restrictions of a cable battery mowers are ideal for areas of grass with no access to a power socket.

The R43B has a 43cm cutting width, a 55-litre collection bag and six adjustable cut height settings from 22mm to 80mm.

The mowers are easy to manoeuvre around bushes, trees or other obstacles and makes them good for slopes, banks and areas that are awkward to reach.

The long life 40-volt 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery produces excellent mowing results, and performs particularly well for gardeners who like to mow a little and often. With a fully charged battery the cordless mower operates for around 20 minutes. Charging the battery takes around 90 minutes.

The cordless mowers require replacement of the blade every third season. The handles are easily adjusted, to cater for varying heights of operator and individual preference. They are also foldable, making the mower convenient to store where space is limited. Both models come with a two year warranty.

With a cutting width of 40cm and polypropylene deck, the R40B cordless mower is suitable for a mowing area up to 400m². The mower weighs in at 19.5kg, comes with a 44-litre collection bag, and has an adjustable cut height. The recommended retail price is £673 including VAT.

The second model R43B has a 43cm cutting width and an aluminium deck. Designed for areas of up to 500m², this cordless model has a 55-litre collection bag and six adjustable height of cut settings from 22 to 80mm. The recommended retail price of this model is £827 including VAT.

The new battery mowers are available at John Deere dealerships from spring 2017. For the UK & Ireland visit for details of the company’s complete lawn & garden equipment range; to find your nearest dealer look click here or ring Freephone 0800 085 2522.

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