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Meet the Belrobotics Parcmow

The Parcmow from Beltobotics. Photo: Belrobotics.

The Belrobotics Parcmow covers up to 12,000 metres squared of turf, presenting itself as a viable and economical autonomous mowing option for estate owners, businesses, and the sports sector.


Sports & Parks

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12 March 2020

Belrobotics provides specialised robotic mowers for large areas and professional applications. Since entering the commercial robotic market in 2002, Belrobotics mowers have been used for the upkeep of world-renowned sports facilities, private gardens of all sizes, business parks, hospitals, hotels, country clubs, local government offices, and military bases.

Two considered reasons for investment in robotic mowers are time and money. For suitable applications, robotic mowers offer complete automation of the task at hand. Time spent mowing can be spent on other tasks facing the business. Cost savings on machine maintenance, labour, and fuel prices can be advantageous to a business’s bottom line.


Parcmow is recommended for large green spaces, public spaces, and private grounds due to its ability to maintain up to 12,000 metres squared of turf in complete autonomy.

Parcmow is fitted with three floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation. In total, nine stainless-steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching, for a total cutting width of 63.3 centimetres.

Fitted with five sonars, the Parcmow will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an obstacle.

Parcmow automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without the need for human intervention, saving grounds professionals time and money.

The charging process is conducted at a low-voltage station and is automated and safe. The average annual energy consumption is approximately 580 kWh.

For more information on cost and implementing Parcmow into your grounds maintenance regimen, contact RangeKing Ltd via email or tel: +353-(0)1-4588002.

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