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Have you discovered the Cooper Pegler CP3?

The CP3 is part of a range of sprayers available from Cooper Pegler.

Ideal complement to the CP15, the new 20 litre capacity CP3 provides greater work autonomy and improved comfort thanks to its two carrying handles.



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16 August 2017

We here at Growtrade have written in the past about the CP15 sprayer but now the famous CP 15 knapsack sprayer is available in a 20L version –  the CP3.

An ideal complement to the CP15, the new 20 litre capacity CP 3 provides greater work autonomy and improved comfort thanks to its two carrying handles.

Its unique diaphragm pump system ensures the longevity of the sprayer as well as an adequate and precise protection for your crops. Its built-in pressure relief valve guarantees precision on the type of application desired.


  • Robust and lightweight design
  • Adjustable re-inforced lever for left / right hand operation
  • Reinforced hose for greater pressure resistance
  • Lid with separate seal and air vent for secure locking
  • Wide filler hole to prevent overflow when filling
  • UV stabilised polypropylene tank for a durable yet lightweight sprayer.
  • Brass components for excellent durability
  • Unique diaphragm pump very resistant towards water impurities
  • High resistance GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic) lance  adaptable for all types of nozzles
  • Pressure control valve with fixed settings for spraying herbicides / insecticides and fungicides
  • Double filtration system to clean impurities before nozzle outlet
  • All working parts mounted inside the tank to prevent damage
  • Few moving parts and none are exposed to friction, thus ensuring resistance to dirt in the spray liquid

Cooper Pegler have added a new safety harness on the Knapsack, adjustable waist strap, and reinforced back leading to a significant reduction in discomfort.

848119_CP3injecte2+bretellesecucopie_g CP3harnessback_g cp3-entier_g All photos courtesy of Cooper Pegler.

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