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NAD to hold knapsack spraying courses

NAD are running a series of courses aimed at preparing professional users for the SUD November 26th deadline
NAD are running a series of courses aimed at preparing professional users for the SUD November 26th deadline

Over the coming weeks National Agrochemical Distributors will hold a number of knapsack spraying courses for those looking to comply with SUD



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19 October 2015

With impending changes to the Sustainable Use Directive being implemented by the Department of Agriculture those in the industry working with chemicals are being required to be fully trained in order to carry out work.

To aid people achieving qualifications ahead of the deadline National Agrochemical Distributors (NAD) are running a number of knapsack spraying courses in the coming weeks.

The course is a two day practical course with a break between each day and takes place here at NAD Blakes Cross Lusk Co. Dublin. The course will be spent in the classroom on the first day with the second day being dedicated to practical experience. The courses will run from 9am to 4pm on both days and costs €200 payable in advance to secure a place.

The course is run by FRS Training , on completion of the course you will receive from FRS Training a certificate which will enable you to register with the Department of Agriculture for a PU no. (Professional User No.).

Courses will run on the following dates:

Wednesday 28th of October & Thursday 5th of November

Thursday 29th of October  & Friday 6th of November

Friday 30th of October & Monday 16th of November

The Sustainable Use Directive is a European Directive that seeks to establish a framework to achieve sustainable use of pesticides by reducing the risks and impacts of pesticide use on human health and the environment. Under the directive from the 26th of November 2015 only a registered professional user can apply pesticides authorised for professional use.

For more information on the courses being run by NAD in the coming weeks and to book a place contact NAD today as places are filling fast.

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