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New wide area mowers from John Deere

John Deere’s 1500 Series II Comfort front rotary mower has a road speed of 15mph

John Deere has introduced a new wider covering mower in the UK & Ireland



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6 May 2016

John Deere’s 1500 Series II Comfort front rotary mowers are now available in the UK & Ireland, after being sold in a number of other European countries prior. They are suitable for wide area mowing in the commercial, golf and amenity turf markets where operator comfort, high output mowing performance and uptime are key requirements.

Featuring a powerful Yanmar 49hp four-cylinder engine, hydrostatic four-wheel drive and diff-lock, a standard air suspension seat and a spacious operator platform with CommandArm armrest controls, the new 1505 and 1515 mowers are designed to provide a comfortable ride for all mowing jobs.

Maximum road speed is 15mph, for users who prefer to drive their machines from site to site rather than use a trailer. Front deck suspension activates automatically during road use, for a smoother ride. The optional premium cab features heating, air conditioning and excellent all-round visibility.

These professional front rotary mowers can be equipped with a choice of hydraulic side or rear-discharge decks with working widths up to 3m (10ft), which are designed to cope with long, dense grass and uneven terrain. A CrossCut function allows the operator to lift the deck just off the ground when turning, and a ‘smart’ weight transfer system shifts the weight from the mowing deck to the drive wheels for extra traction on rough ground.

There is a choice of four decks for the 1505 model, including the 180cm (71in) 7-Iron II side-discharge and 183cm (72in) Fastback rear-discharge units, a 223m (88in) rear-discharge deck and the 300cm (118in) Fastback Commercial deck. The 1515 comes with a 180cm (71in) rear-discharge and a 120cm (47in) side-wing rear-discharge deck, giving an overall cutting width of 285cm (112in).

Cutting heights range from 13 to 105mm (0.5 to 4.1in) or 25 to 152mm (1 to 6in) depending on the deck, and optional mulching kits are also available.

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