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On-farm beef events this October  hosted by Teagasc and Animal Health Ireland

Photo by Julia Volk via Pexels

This collaboration aims to offer practical insights for enhancing cattle performance in winter



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29 September 2023

Teagasc and Animal Health Ireland (AHI) have organised a series of on-farm beef events in October, emphasising key factors for winter performance.

The first event on 4 October at Tom Jackson’s farm in County Cork, will address crucial aspects such as lying and feeding space, shed ventilation and air movement. Local Teagasc advisors and cattle specialists will be on hand to discuss practical winter housing diets for different cattle categories.

With AHI veterinary experts present, farmers will learn about effective parasite control strategies. The events will also focus on pre-housing measures to reduce accidents on farms, offering simple measures  to avoid injuries to both farmers and their stock.

This collaborative effort seeks to provide farmers with practical insights for optimising cattle performance during the winter months.

Pearse Kelly, head of Drystock Knowledge Transfer, Teagasc said: “Winter is starting early on many beef farms due to the wet weather showing no sign of easing off.  These farm walks are an ideal opportunity for beef farmers to attend and discuss how small changes in housing, nutrition and parasite control programmes can have a huge impact on animal performance over what may be a long housing period for many.”

Natascha Meunier, programme manager, Beef HealthCheck and Parasite Control programme, AHI, said: “We encourage farmers to use this opportunity to ask questions on how best to apply the information discussed to their own situations.”

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