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Agri Aware programme ‘Farming Through the Seasons’ returns for the academic year

Photo by Leah Kelley via Pexels

Farmers will hold virtual visits providing children with insights into farm operations 



29 September 2023

Agri Aware’s popular programme, Farming Through the Seasons, is back for the 2023-2024 academic year. Launched at the National Ploughing Championships, the initiative impacted 19,649 students across 519 primary schools. The programme, including live webinars and YouTube sessions and received 96% positive feedback from teachers, according to Tirlán Farmlife. 

This programme was made through the support of Tirlán, ABP, Kerry Group and Dawn Meats. Across the four seasons, various farmers will hold virtual visits, providing children with insights into farm operations and answering their questions. 

With an increasing disconnect between Irish consumers and the sources of their food, this initiative aims to address the gap by showing the journey of milk, meat, cereals, fruits, and vegetables from farm to household fridges and cupboards. 

Marcus O’Halloran, executive director, Agri Aware, said: “It’s our responsibility to educate children where their food comes from and to showcase to them what Irish farmers are doing to produce quality and sustainable food.

“We are hoping to build on the success of the programme this coming year and introduce more farming enterprises to showcase the diverse range of quality and sustainable food products being produced on Irish farms.”

John Murphy, chairman, Tirlán, said: “Every day our family farms are working hard to produce nutritious food in a sustainable manner. Our farmers are proud to tell the story of Irish food and it is great to have the opportunity to bring farms to life virtually in our schools and for our future generations.”

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