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Organic certification for NAD

NAD has been awarded an Irish Organic Certification from IOFGA



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31 March 2016

The Viano range of products from NAD has received a major Irish accreditation, much to the delight of the company who see it as a seal of approval on their high quality products. The Viano Range of Organic products has been awarded Irish Organic Certification from the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association (IOFGA).

The product has been certified as acceptable for use in organic systems under the IOFGA Certified Products System. For NAD this certification cements the company’s dedication to its organic products and reinforces the high standard of products it offers to its customers.

Each year IOFGA inspectors visit every farmer, grower, and processor who is certified by the organisation and inspected them to ensure the company still meets their . If IOFGA standards have been met then the operator may market their produce as organic using our logo and a European Union code (IE-ORG-02 and GB-ORG-07 in the UK and Northern Ireland). If the product is imported then packaging or display materials should state the country of origin and the name or code of the recognised inspection body.


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