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Peckish aiming to help retailers capitalise on strong bird care market

Growth of 15% in 2015 and further growth of 6% in 2016, year-on-year, has turned the bird care sector into a promising market. Photo credit: Unsplash

With over 40 new products in the pipeline, Peckish is hoping to work with retailers in order to capitalise on the strengthening bird care market



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3 May 2017

Peckish is aiming to help garden centre retailers “unlock” the bird care market this autumn/winter season by appealing to “romantic gardeners” which a Peckish insight has determined as a key market trend for 2017.

“The ‘romantic gardener’ wants to create an oasis of calm in their bustling world, and a return to the simplicity and playfulness of days gone by”, according to Peckish.

Peckish has over 40 new products in the pipeline including a new offering of bird food, feeders and hardware ready to capture consumers’ imagination in store.

The announcement from Peckish comes on the back of a strong bird care retail market which has seen a growth in value and volume.

As reported in January 2017 by GfK, one of the world’s largest market research companies, the wild bird care market in the UK saw 2016 as the most valuable year in the past five.

In 2015 the market grew by 15% in value compared to 2014 and grew by a further 6% in 2016, year-on-year.

“With recent variability of the weather, it seems that the market is more sensitive to brand and retailer activity than to weather conditions for the birds.” reported GfK.

GfK’s report also stated that there was significant growth within the bird care food market. In particular, dried mealworms saw an increase in value by 20% and 16% in volume, despite a price increase of the mealworm category.

Hoping to capitalise on the growth in the bird care food market, Peckish Natural Balance range will expand to include a variety of sizes and formats designed to appeal to entry level consumers.

“Growth in bird accessories accelerates (+27% value), as average price drops by 20% in 2016 compared to last year. The only month where accessories didn’t gain share was December. Instead, accessories share peaked in October, while bird feeders grew in the December gifting period.” according to the report.

In order to drive add on sales, Peckish’s new range of feeders, hardware and accessories will educate the consumer on how to get the best from their bird feeding experience.

Rachael Dickinson, Senior Marketing Manager for Peckish said: “With over 40 new products coming this autumn/winter, we’re looking forward to driving your bird care category forward, tapping into the latest consumer insight and trends.

“We’ll be releasing more details, including a full product catalogue to retailers over the coming months, which will help unlock bird care over the next 12 months.”

The bird care category has seen two years of strong growth. With GfK reporting that the market is more sensitive to the actions of retailers and brands, combined with this announcement from Peckish, there is great potential for garden centres to capitalise on the strong bird care market.

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