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GIMA to host workshops on improving managerial and sales platforms

GIMA is a membership organisation that represents the majority share of suppliers and manufacturers operating within the UK gardening industry.

The Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association will host the workshops over three days and will cover: leading and managing a team, negotiations skills, and key account management.



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3 May 2017

This autumn, the Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA) Knowledge Exchange Programme will feature three, one-day interactive workshops designed to build skills across management and sales platforms for the garden industry.

The three workshops are open to all sales and management personnel, and are designed to optimise working relationships via improved key account management and negotiation skills.

This trio of workshops will help attendees to focus on the key aspects of their role, improving efficiencies, team morale and creating a wider sense of ownership through all aspects of their day-to- day operations.

The first workshop taking place on 20 September – Leading & Managing a Team – will focus on the ways that managers can improve staff morale, understand the dynamics of the teams they work in, and finally analyse their strengths and weaknesses. Topics up for discussion will include delegation, leadership styles, coaching staff and motivation.

The second workshop taking place on 11 October – Negotiation Skills – will help attendees to understand the difference between traditional ‘positional negotiation’ and collaborative negotiation.

The session will also offer top tips regarding the diverse ways that buyers and sales staff can develop their own negotiation aims and use strategies to achieve their goals, whilst also highlighting communication skills designed to gather information, explore ideas, and remain assertive in challenging situations.

The final workshop taking place on 22 November – Key Account Management – will look at ways that delegates can differentiate between ‘Account Management’ and ‘Key or Strategic Account Management’.

“From refreshing existing knowledge, to creating a strong basis to start your career in management, the autumn programme of workshops will offer real and tangible advice that can be immediately put into action in the workplace.”, said Vicky Nuttall, GIMA director.

The workshop will encourage attendees to utilise a range of skills to maintain and develop relationships with customers to expand the revenue and worth of the accounts they manage, whilst also focusing on ways to retain and defend the accounts from competitors.

For more information about GIMA’s Knowledge Excahnge Workshops visit here or learn about GIMA’s “Demystifying the digital world” workshop here.

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