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Pitch of the Year Award 2015 Competition

The Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces will judge the final selection of pitches in this year’s competition under 10 different criteria

Greenday Environmental Drainage Services has been named as sponsors of the F.A.I League OF Ireland Clubs 'Pitch of the year' award 2015


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17 October 2015

The F.A.I League oF Ireland Clubs ‘Pitch of the year’ award for 2015 will once again be sponsored by Greenday Environmental Drainage Services. The award looks to highlight the high standards in sportsturf construction and maintenance that Ireland has to offer.

This year’s competition will once again be voted on by the F.A.I League of Ireland club players, management and referees to finalise the top three clubs in the league of Ireland.

Once the top three pitches are selected judging will be carried out the Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces. Explaining the judging process Donal Kearney of The Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces said “I will be judging the quality of the playing surfaces based on industry performance quality standards (PQS) assessment tests.”

He continued “There will be 10 measurements carried out including; measuring grass coverage, bareness, desirable grass species, thatch depth, root depth, rootzone profile depth, pests & diseases, weed control, compaction and also pH testing. These measurements will be recorded at five different locations around the pitch to get an overall quality measurment of the pitch”

Judging is due to be carried out in the coming weeks with the winner being announced at the F.A.I Cup Final on 8th Novemeber at the Aviva Stadium Dublin.

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