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Protect your crops from excess heat and light with ReduSol

A commercial greenhouse where ReduSol is in use. Photo: Courtesy of NAD.

Excess heat and light can be damaging for your greenhouse crops. ReduSol, a shading agent, can benefit both light-preferring and shade-preferring plants, and help you strike the right balance in your greenhouse.



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14 June 2019

Whether you are running a commercial greenhouse or one for leisure, it is imperative to implement temperature control processes and ensure the optimal temperature for your plants has been reached, and isn’t exceeded.

If the environmental and tissue temperature of the plant gets too high, where all the water taken up by the plant is used to cool the plant tissue, plant growth processes, such as photosynthesis, will begin to shut down.

ReduSol is one such product which can help with temperature control. It is a shading agent that reflects high levels of solar energy. It is wear-resistant and can be easily removed with ReduClean.

The shading effect can be adjusted by selecting the dilution factor that fits the respective crop. For many years ReduSol has been a clear choice for protecting crops against excess heat and light.


  • Best price-quality ratio on the market.
  • Up to 80% shading.
  • Wear and frost resistant.
  • Higher light transmission during rainfall.
  • Suitable for glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film.
  • Easy to remove with ReduClean.


ReduSol is a versatile shading agent that can be used in many different situations. Depending on the climate, both light-preferring and shade-preferring crops can benefit from a coating of ReduSol.

For the best results, ReduSol should be diluted with a certain amount of clean water, depending on the application method, and sprayed evenly on a dry and clean greenhouse roof.

How to remove

ReduClean easily removes ReduSol from glass, plastic film, acrylic, and polycarbonate. A rain shower after using ReduClean is usually sufficient for a clean result. ReduClean is economical and safe for the user.

For more information on ReduSol and ReduClean, and for quotes, contact NAD via email: or via tel: +353-1-843-7808/-7484.

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