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Garden Connect: helping the industry sell more plants

The deadline for application is 12 November.

Garden Connect's extensive experience in dealing specifically with garden centre retailers and wholesale nurseries has seen them partner with many leading businesses across the industry.



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14 June 2019

Garden centres and nurseries, both retail and wholesale, are always searching for the best way to sell plants, and since 2002, Garden Connect has been helping the industry do just that.

“Since 2002, we’ve been helping garden centres and wholesale nurseries to sell more plants. As an online marketing agency, we understand our customers don’t want fancy websites, they just want to reach their goal. And that’s basically just focused on selling more plants.”, said Edwin Meijer, managing director of Garden Connect.

Wholesale nurseries

Garden Connect is currently providing services to several wholesale nurseries. Their webshops are integrated with nursery management software like Passfield, Growmaster, and TopSys.

“Most people in the industry are aware we’re providing services to over 300 garden centres. However, we’ve developed many solutions for strict trade-only nurseries as well. Rochfords are using our webshop and ordering app, for example. We also recently renewed the online shop for Provender Nurseries, and more are on their way”, said Meijer.

Garden retail

Meijer continued: “We’re making good progress on the retail side of the industry as well and have signed up many new garden centres. Some are using our webshop to showcase and sell plants, like Cowell’s Garden Centre. Others are using our extensive plant database to build a plant finder or generate Point-Of-Sale (POS) signage.

“Being an online marketing agency with an understanding of plants allows us to help garden centres and nurseries be more successful. We know how to optimise plant-pages to rank well on Google and have many examples which show how we help to generate footfall into stores.”

If you are interested in hearing more about Garden Connect’s work then be sure to check out their website. Garden Connect will be also be attending the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) Plant Show at Stoneleigh Park, Hall 2, Stand 169, on June 18-19. They will also be attending the Garden Landscape and Amenity Sportsturf (GLAS) trade show on Thursday, July 18.

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