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Call for participants in Irish peatland research

Sphagnum moss forms the living layer of vegetation that captures carbon in the bog. Image via Peat Hub Ireland

Aims to collect insights from those with a stake in the future of Ireland’s peatlands



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7 September 2023

An Irish peatland project looking for input to identify knowledge gaps in Irish peatland research

Peat Hub Ireland  has invited members of the horticulture industry to participate in its  research project via a survey.

Funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine,  the one year project collates and synthesises evidence for the sustainable management of Irish peatlands. 

The survey aims to collect insights and experiences from the public and private sectors, NGOs, farming and community organisations. 

Research on Irish peatlands has expanded in the last two decades, as countries seek to manage this resource sustainably and meet climate and biodiversity targets. 

Dr Florence Renou-Wilson, principal investigator on the project said: “Please share your knowledge and expertise to help us identify what is missing from research on the sustainable management of peatlands in Ireland and how we can better support the transition to sustainability for this iconic Irish landscape. 

“Despite their importance, peatlands face significant pressures due to human activities, such as drainage for agriculture, forestry, and peat extraction. These activities lead to peatland degradation, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity, and
altered hydrological regimes. Sustainable management is essential to mitigate negative impacts and ensure long-term ecological, economic, social and cultural benefits.”

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