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Resolva’s £1m advertisement drive

A snippet from the latest advertisement.

Resolva is back on our TVs aiming to target 29 million people during NCIS, The Great British Bake-Off, and Modern Families in an effort to drive consumers to stores



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26 April 2017

The 30 second TV advert will appear on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky over the next 3 weeks, during programmes like the much anticipated new series of Great British Bake Off, NCIS and Modern Families reaching over 29m consumers.

The advert will remind consumers that Resolva Liquid Shots offer an easy way to apply concentrated weedkiller. Pre-dosed with just the right amount for a 10L watering can, there’s no mess and no measuring, giving consumers peace of mind they are applying the right amount.Resolva 24H 6 Liquid Shots Box 3D

Resolva Liquid Shots are the perfect solution to big weed problems. The advert features the famous weed characters that taunt and tease a man on his driveway. The weed attack continues until our hero thinks to use the Resolva Liquid Shots, with visible results in 24 hours, he gains control and stands tall, proud of his weed-free drive.

Daniela Constantine, Brand Manager for Resolva said: “With a £1m TV advertising campaign, reaching over 29 million viewers, customers will be actively seeking our products in your stores. Remember to stock up in time for the weekend.”

Order the Resolva Liquid Shots range, including Resolva 24H, Resolva Path & Patio and Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Concentrate Liquid Shots through your Westland sales representative today.

Westland Horticulture

Westland Horticulture is one of the leading horticultural companies in the UK creating unique and innovative gardening products.

Established in 1990 in Northern Ireland, Westland Horticulture has since grown in size and strength and now has over 450 employees, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of gardening and wild bird care brands to consumers across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Over the past 20 years, Westland Horticulture has revolutionised the horticulture industry with unique and creative solutions to common gardening problems.

By doing this it has raised its position in the marketplace and achieved many awards for its innovative designs. For further information, contact Emma Rogers, PR Manager on 07899 894350 or

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