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Speakers announced for 24th GLDA Garden Design Seminar

Garden design by Nigel Dunnett. Photo: Nigel Dunnett

Cassian Schmidt, Sandro Cafolla, Nigel Dunnett, and Sarah Price will be this year's speakers at the Garden and Landscape Designers Association's (GLDA) 24th International Garden Design Seminar.



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29 January 2020

The Garden and Landscape Designers Association (GLDA) has announced Cassian Schmidt, from Germany; Sandro Cafolla, from Ireland; Nigel Dunnett, from the UK; and Sarah Price, from the UK, as the speakers of GLDA’s 24th International Garden Design Seminar, taking place on Saturday, February 29th, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dublin, Northwood Park, Santry, Dublin 9.

“Seeds of Change – Planting Design for the 21st Century” is the title for the 2020 seminar with each speaker sharing their insights into new approaches to resilient and bio-diverse planting for the 21st Century.

In a world where climate change is increasingly a reality in our lives, our gardens should be a haven for biodiversity and a refuge from the world, not only for ourselves but for the rest of the wildlife with whom we share the earth.

Garden design by Sarah Price. Photo: Sarah Price.

Plants typically produce plastic waste in the form of pots and labels, our composts may contain peat, and the plants consumers choose may have travelled long distances bringing with them the risk of introducing alien pests and diseases.

The issue of maintenance may influence us towards increased use of hard landscaping, rather than wildlife-friendly alternatives.

Trying to be greener isn’t easy and it leaves us with many questions:

  • Has the prevalence of pot-grown plants influenced our entire approach to planting design?
  • Are there other ways to plant, or perhaps, sow a garden which would produce a more self-sustaining plant community attractive to wildlife? 
  • When planted, how do we maintain that garden without the use of pesticides and herbicides? 
  • Is the maintenance of a wilder, more bio-diverse garden, more difficult? 
  • Does nature herself have the answers? 

The speakers this year will help attendees explore these questions and will address some of the challenges. They will share with their knowledge gleaned through years of research, experimenting, and working with plants, seed mixes, and plant combinations.


  • GLDA full members, pre-reg, and friends – €95.
  • Non-member & friend membership for the year – €145.
  • Non-member – €120.
  • Students – €55 (includes membership for the year).
  • Group of non-members (minimum 10) – €110 pp.

All tickets are available to purchase at

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