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Johnsons Lawn Seed autumn time lawn care

Johnsons Shady Place Lawn Seed with Seedbooster

Consumers looking to repair their sodden and moss-ridden grass



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8 September 2023

Johnsons Lawn Seed is encouraging retailers to stock up on its portfolio to cope with the upcoming autumn demand amongst consumers, after the summer’s weather which was one of the most temperamental and unpredictable seasons on record.

 Johnsons Quick Lawn, Shady Place and Luxury Lawn Seed are some of the company’s leading products. 

Johnsons Lawn Seed consumer manager, Guy Jenkins, said: “After a slow, wet start to spring, directly followed by a rainy summer, lawns were put under a lot of strain this year, turning them into squelchy, spongy ground.  However, with autumn fast approaching, lawns are in desperate need of care and attention with gardeners wanting to recover the grass, so it survives over winter.”

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