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Teagasc Team up with Pieta House for Bloom

The Teagasc Garden of Hope hopes to 'provide a peaceful space for spiritual renewal, reflection and ease. ' - Teagasc.

The garden will be on show at the annual Bloom event in the Phoenix Park in Dublin from Thursday 1st to Monday 5th June.



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10 May 2017

Teagasc, in association with the suicide prevention charity Pieta House, will exhibiting a show garden for the first time at this year’s annual Bloom event in the Phoenix Park in Dublin from Thursday 1st to Monday 5th June.

“The Teagasc Garden of Hope provides a peaceful space for spiritual renewal, reflection and ease. A sense of intimacy is enhanced by the circular format used throughout.  The circular form encourages contemplation and walking to relieve stress in a calm and secure setting.” according to Teagasc

“A fusion of planting, sophisticated colours and changing water flow creates an uplifting space in which to pause and replenish one’s well-being. The garden aims to evoke serenity and a connection with nature to raise the spirit.

Darkness into Light, is the charity’s flagship awareness event, will be represented through the colour scheme of the planting.” they added. The recent event saw over 150,000 people across Ireland take part in the event on 6th May to raise awareness for suicide and self-harm.

Following Bloom, a modified design of the garden will move to a permanent home at one of the Pieta House centres.

”Developing a show garden at Bloom 2017 was an appealing challenge on two fronts; it afforded Teagasc the opportunity to combine our horticultural talents from across the organisation to deliver a show garden; it gave us the opportunity to work with and support Pieta house by designing and delivering ‘Teagasc Garden of Hope’.” said Dermot Callaghan, Head of the Teagasc Horticulture Development Department

Brian Higgins, CEO of Pieta House said, “We are delighted to be involved with Teagasc in bringing the Garden of Hope to Bloom. Having just had the biggest ever Darkness Into Light walk in the Phoenix Park at the weekend, it’s lovely to be returning to the park for Bloom.

“We would like the Garden of Hope to be reflective of the work that we do in helping people to see a bright and positive future. It is fantastic that through the generosity of Teagasc we will be able to allow clients to reflect within the beauty of this garden when it is moved to one of our Pieta House centres once Bloom comes to an end.”

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