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Tesco celebrates its biggest carrot grower in new campaign

Paul Doran, farm manager, Dockrells. Image via Tesco Ireland

Wexford-based grower Dockrells supplies near 75% of the carrots customers see on shelves



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15 September 2021

Tesco will celebrate Dockrells, its biggest carrot grower, in the latest chapter of its Food Love Stories campaign.

A family-owned grower based in Co. Wexford, Dockrells has been growing carrots for Tesco for a quarter of a century, supplying almost 75% of the stock customers see on shelves.

The farm manager of Dockrells for 30 years, Paul Doran ensures each crop has the type of soil and optimum moisture levels needed to produce the sweetest carrots. The sunny southeast of Wexford is the ideal place to grow carrots, with its sandy soil and undulating land. Doran appears on the farm and alongside his family in the latest Food Love Stories campaign.

Cathal Deavy, customer director, Tesco Ireland said: “At Tesco, we’re passionate about the food we offer. Through our Food Love Stories campaign, we’re delighted to showcase the quality of our food and to celebrate our Irish suppliers. Dockrells has been our supplier for a quarter of a century, a relationship that we are hugely proud of. Farm manager Paul Doran has spent 30 years perfecting their produce for our customers and we pay tribute to him and the team at Dockrells, one of 490 Irish suppliers we work with daily.”

In previous chapters, Tesco Ireland highlighted other supplier-based Food Love Stories, celebrating the provenance of its West Cork reared Irish Angus beef and Donegal grown potatoes, showcasing two of the 490 Irish suppliers, which in turn supports almost 14,000 farming families nationwide.

The new carrot Food Love Story will run across TV, radio, social and digital channels and trade/shopper marketing executions with a press and OOH campaign.

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