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The Sodshow in The States

The Sodshow at Bloom Fringe 2016. Photograph:

Peter Donegan's award winning podcast: The Sodshow, will take place at Thyme & Place, Salt lake City, Utah from March 14th to 20th



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8 March 2017

Ireland’s award winning gardening podcast “The Sodshow” is heading to the US for three days each side of St Patrick’s Day to bring “The Sodshow Live”, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Peter Donegan, the creator of The Sodshow was approached by Melinda Meservy, a garden store owner based in Salt Lake City, after hearing his “The Sodshow Live at Bloom Fringe” podcast.

Speaking to us today Donegan compared his story and going to Salt Lake City to: “Dundalk Football Club; being on the verge of closing down five years ago and now about to play in Europe in the Champions League.”

“I would have a better idea of what was going on normally, but this time I don’t. . . but it will be as usual, the sodshow live with me taking the ‘mick’ out of myself” he added

Donegan noted the support he is already receiving in Utah as he has been named guest of honour at the St Patrick’s Day parade and is the guest of honour at an Irish Hibernian Society of Utah closed event. “You have to pinch yourself and with the help of friends and family, keep your feet on the ground.” said Donegan.

Two days either side of St Patrick’s day Donegan will be interviewing three or four people live on stage which will be then recorded and aired as podcasts.

Donegan started the podcast in May 2010 talking into the tail end of his iPhone. With it’s popularity grew its duration to 10 minutes long and via a chat with the legendary Krishna De; a logo by no relation Luke Donegan; a little help from Mark Rock; a radio jingle by Brian Greene and a name chosen via twitter – on August 5th 2010, The Sodshow podcast was borne. A 28 minute long weekly gardening podcast.


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