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Two events to close-out Ireland’s National Biodiversity Week

Ireland’s biodiversity stems in large part from the exceptional diversity of its geology – the bedrock that underlies the landscape.

National Biodiversity Week is all about connecting people with nature. It’s about communicating the importance of biodiversity and motivating people to play their part in protecting it.



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24 May 2017

Biodiversity Trek at Lough Boora Parkland

Join the Irish Wildlife Trust for a guided walk to their nature reserve within the heart of the Lough Boora Parkland.

This event will involve waking from the visitors centre through woodland, past an importance archaeological site to our nature reserve at the site of an now drained ancient lake.

We will learn about natural woodland regeneration while keeping an eye out for butterflies, bee and orchids amongst the other biodiversity present. This is an opportunity to see a beautiful nature reserve and learn about the biodiversity of Ireland’s Midlands.

Date and Time: May 27th 3-5pm

Place: Lough Boora Parklands, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Cost: Free


Preparation and Appreciation of a Pollinator-friendly Urban Landscape

Join us for a 2 part workshop on creating pollinator-friendly urban environments in Kilkenny!

Part one will be an indoor presentation on pollinators and their habitat requirements.

Part two will take place outdoors on the grounds of Kilkenny castle, and will involve carrying out field work on bumble bees and pollinator-friendly planting schemes including trees, shrubs, pond, meadow and garden.

The Tidy Town Competition is to receive funding from Local Authorities for a prize category on pollinator-friendly planting. The committees and their helpers would benefit from training in this area.

Taking actions for pollinators in any village or town will lead to general biodiversity enhancement and will make the area more attractive for residents and tourists.

(Outdoor clothing and comfortable footwear recommended).

Date & Time: May 27th @ 10- 2pm

Place: Club House Hotel, Patrick’s Street, Co. Kilkenny , Ireland

Cost: Free


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