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Van der Plas to connect growers and plant purchasers in their new online trade plant store – Plant World

Van der Plas provide access to thousands of species of plants via a renewed webshop - Plant World - straight from growers across Europe.

The ability to connect growers and purchasers while managing the entire process makes Plant World by Van der Plas a new and exciting option in the commercial horticulture world.



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23 November 2017

Van der Plas (VdP) has launched a new online platform called Plant World, through which, florists and wholesalers have access to 1,200 growers in seven countries.

Plant purchasers will have access to thousands of species of plants via the renewed webshop and they will also have the ability to buy plants directly from the grower, straight from the greenhouse.

“Plant World will complement our existing, extensive fresh stock of plants. That stock is purchased daily, at the flower auction, and from the growers. Specialities, novelties and unique plants are delivered to you a day after the order is placed.” said Stefan Hoek, purchasing manager of plants with VdP.

Plant World allows you to buy directly from the grower and the order will be added to your order with VdP; in this way VdP can keep the logistic costs as low as possible.

“You can order large quantities, but also per tray or even per plant. Repeat purchases and special prices during certain periods are guaranteed at Plant World. You therefore have the opportunity to buy from the grower, with the service and delivery of VdP. We provide the transport from the grower to you.” Hoek continued.

The plant growers of Plant World are spread across seven countries in Europe and the ordered plants will follow the shortest possible route in order to get from the grower to your shop as quickly as possible. The grower determines when the best moment is to offer the product via Plant World.

VdP are able to be the first to offer you the newest products and concepts due to the good relationships between the plant specialists at VdP and the growers that have already been established.

“In addition, price agreements have been made with the growers per product for a longer period of time, which allows you to easily reorder your products. Ordering through the webshop is easy, but we also like to be in contact with you personally and because of this, there will be one contact person for each client.” Hoek concluded.

The gigantic VdP range consists of cut flowers, cut green, plants and,
(natural) decoration items. To check out the stock that is due to be available to purchase from Friday, November 24, be sure to click through to the Plant World webshop.

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