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Westland Horticulture releases enhanced G.E.M.S

The new Garden Equipment Merchandising System (G.E.M.S) will provide customers with all they need to grow their own flowers, fruits, and vegetables



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24 June 2024

Westland Horticulture has announced the latest expansion of its Garden Equipment Merchandising System (G.E.M.S),  which will deliver a step change for the seed and propagation category.

Originally launched in 2022, the display stands cleanly manage outdoor gardening categories, including plant supports, trellis and bulk roll, and provide a solution that is modular, weatherproof, and durable.

Growing system

In trials, the combination of using Unwins seeds, Gro-Sure VisiRoot propagators, and Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost, resulted in 50% better germination than using competitor products*. 

This is due to the built-in water management from the advanced formulation of the growing media and the moisture bridge technology in the VisiRoot seed trays. 


G.E.M.S had a transformative impact on the outdoor plant support and merchandising sector, enhancing a critical gardening category worth £75 million at retail, and will now offer retailers a dedicated seed division. 

This new offering includes a curated range of Unwins’ blooming and edible seeds, along with all necessary propagation kits and compost, making it easier than ever for customers to grow their own flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

The convenience of finding everything needed for ‘grow your own’ gardening in one smart location promises to elevate garden centre merchandising. 

Season long trials in the UK and Ireland, have demonstrated through EPOS significant sales growth, with seed sales increasing by 22% and linked sales of propagation accessories jumping by 36%.

Simple and sustainable

The wood used in G.E.M.S displays is FSC® certified, ensuring responsible forest management, while the steel components are repurposed from waste materials, reflecting Westland’s commitment to sustainability.

The range includes Unwins seeds known for their beautiful blooms and excellent flavours. 

The VisiRoot propagation kits, made from rPET—a material crafted from recycled plastics—are kerbside recyclable. 

The Fibre Root range, popular among gardeners for years, simplifies seed germination and planting, ensuring successful gardening outcomes.

Shopping experience

During trials, the Westland team consistently received feedback that shoppers often feel overwhelmed by the extensive choices in garden centres. 

The seed G.E.M.S proposition addresses this by offering a streamlined, easy-to-shop display that provides everything a seed-sowing gardener needs in one place. 

G.E.M.S now offers a complete collection of indoor and outdoor modules, designed to provide a cohesive and efficient shopping experience for garden centre customers.

*Germination trial conducted in April 2024. All tests conducted at identical levels of light and low heat, water applied to 50% of the seed tray, replicating the imperfect ways consumers grow. 

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