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Wildflower seed for 1,000 farmers to encourage Pollinator Plan

The 30 species in the seed packs include flowering perennials, annuals, and a small amount of grass to assist with seed scattering. Photo: Sandro Cafolla.

Tipperary County Council and Design By Nature will hand out Irish wildflower seeds to approximately 1,000 farmers throughout March; promoting the Rural Pollinator Plan.



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11 March 2019

Tipperary County Council and Design By Nature have come together to support the Rural Pollinator Plan and during March will give free Irish native wildflower seeds to approximately 1,000 farmers at nine marts throughout Tipperary in March.

Designed to encourage farmers to participate in the Pollinator Plan for Ireland, this step makes both partners the leaders in direct-action for conservation in Ireland this year.

The aim is to use deep rooted perennial plants to recycle leached minerals, combat drought and attract beneficial insects to the farm to assist with pest management.

Following on from the National Biodiversity Conference, Tipperary County Council and design By Nature decided it would be best to introduce farmers to the benefits of wildflowers with a simple mixture that would grow across a wide variety of soil types and situations.

The information contained in the seed pack has web links for farm support and further research, and into the research currently ongoing at Teagasc – attracting pollinators to farm crops.

The 30 species in the seed packs include perennials such as birdsfoot trefoil; clover and vetch, to fix nitrogen; yarrow and wild carrot, to recycle lost nutrients; and many flowering perennials to attract insects and fix carbon. Annuals are included as a nurse crop and a small amount of grass to assist with seed scattering.

“The biggest problem we face is getting farmers to sow the seeds finely as its unlike grass, another issue is, being free, will they sow them at all? So we’ve asked them to give them to schools or tidy town groups instead of wasting them.”, said Sandro Cafolla, seed supplier and founder of Design By Nature. 

For more, visit or contact Tipperary County Council.

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