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5 products to look out for at IPM Essen

The Balconette by Elbi. Photo: Elbi.

From plant passport marking machines to the latest in horticulture LED lighting, here are five products showcasing at IPM Essen to keep an eye out for.



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15 January 2020

IPM Essen will take place in Essen, Germany, on January 28-31. As one of the largest horticulture trade fairs in the world with 1,551 exhibitors from 46 countries showcasing at IPM Essen 2019, IPM Essen 2020 will showcase some of the leading products and innovations within the horticulture trade. Here are five products showcasing at IPM Essen 2020 to keep an eye out for.

1. Plant Passport Marking Machine – Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH – Hall 4, Stand 4B30

The alphaJET continuous inkjet systems are ideal for direct printing on pots, trays, and more. The plant passport is printed directly onto the selected item. With the alphaJET, the font and size can be freely selected to suit the shape and size of the surface you’re printing onto.

Advantages of direct marking:

  • Low running costs.
  • Flexible in the design of the print image.
  • Easy to integrate into existing processes.
  • No warehousing costs.

2. EazyPower – LOCK Antriebstechnik GmbH – Hall 3, Stand 3C13

With EazyPower, Lock has developed a power supply system that operates independently of infrastructure. At any sunny location, this module delivers enough power to supply 3-phase consumers on a temporary basis with up to 1600W of power.

With hallmark Lock capability, this product can also make light work of harsh weather conditions, including extremes of temperature or high levels of humidity, and it delivers conviction with its long service life. This type of power storage unit is characterised by zero-cost maintenance and its wiring can be routed easily and inexpensively.

3. Secure & More Gel Knee Pad – Chaps & More e.K. – Hall 3, Stand 3D10

Chaps & More is presenting the revised model 70,200. This comfortable gel safety knee protector, which has always helped people who already have a knee problem, has now been given a modified attachment so that the upper straps can no longer slip into the back of their knees.

The new edition incorporates patented anti-slip material which is processed in the upper area of ​​the knee pads, resulting in the knee pad no longer slipping, even when walking.

The knee pad, which is suitable for gardeners, cemetery gardeners, pavers, and those who have to work on their knees for a long time, gives the knee a lot of support and high stability due to the flat support of the knee pad.

For work on sensitive soils or on grave edges, the cap can still be easily removed using the Velcro fasteners.

4. Ercolino and Balconette – Elbi S.P.A. – Hall 5, Stand 5F28


The younger brother of Ercole has arrived: Ercolino. This new model is available in three sizes, the largest (800 millimetre in diameter) is equipped with guides for easy gripping with a hand pallet truck.

Ercolino is the right combination of essential design and ease of use. The discreet presence and clear lines underline every type of plant and can be placed in any environment.

The well-known Fenice series has also been expanded with two new items, the Balconette with a height of 35 and 55 centimetre. Perfectly modular, both with each other and with the existing high cassettes (also from the Fenice series).

The “Balconette” was developed to enable several compositions in small spaces such as terraces and balconies, enhancing the peculiarities of the line: the flatness of the surfaces, the essence of the shapes, the elegance of the lines – these two new pots are great for adding a touch of style to the place where they are placed.


The color range also extends and the new Sand and Greystone colors are added to the recent Bronzantico color, a warm and vibrant shade. Both are compound and “living” colors: sand is reminiscent of the soft color of desert sand; Greystone combines the delicacy and modernity of grey with the dynamism of color tones.

5. Horticultural LED Lighting – Engel Lightening GmbH & Co. KG – Hall 4, Stand 4B21

Engel Lighting produces horticultural LED lighting and shows how LED lighting strategies can maximise profits, increase yields, and specifically control desired plant morphology.

The key to the success of an LED lighting strategy is to change limiting abiotic factors through a new balance.

With LED lighting, the plant can not only be illuminated vertically, but also horizontally and closer, because less heat is generated. As a result, greenhouses can be built lower and also illuminated in summer. Many plants grow better in fully controlled environments without daylight because they are less exposed to stress and pathogens and when planted in rock wool or foam they have better access to nutrients and water.

More plants can be cultivated in a smaller area, whereby the costs for air conditioning are reduced and lower operating costs are achieved through a significantly longer lifespan. Standardisation measures at all stages of production are fundamental to production.

The ability to measure and control all environmental factors in climate-controlled plant cultivation areas makes it possible to control the cultivation conditions completely independently of the climate of the location and to generate optimal growth conditions and thus harvest more crops each year.

Engel Lighting offers professional LED garden lights with uniform light distribution, quiet in operation and reliable for many years. Individually or in series for use on shelves (vertical farming) and on growing tables.

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