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Johnsons Lawn Seed’s festive stocking fillers

Once the seeds have been scattered in the soil they bloom within approximately eight weeks

The tins contain 15 wildflower seeds without bulking agents suitable for novice greenfingers



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7 December 2023

Explore Johnsons Lawn Seed’s wildflower celebration tins, an eco-friendly Christmas gift option that prioritises affordability, thoughtfulness, and planet-friendliness.

The celebration tins, priced at £9.99 (€11.74), support the declining pollinator population. With an easy sell, they make thoughtful Christmas gifts for family, friends, secret Santa, wildlife enthusiasts, or aspiring gardeners.

The tins contain 15 wildflower seeds without bulking agents, suitable for novice green fingers. Plantable during spring and summer, scattering and raking the seeds into the soil leads to quick establishment and blooms within approximately eight weeks, attracting beneficial insects to outdoor spaces.

The wildflowers included in the tin are paper daisy, pheasant’s eye, pot marigold, cornflower, cosmos, painted daisy, dwarf morning glory, Chinese forget-me-not, California poppy, fineflower, farewell to spring, baby’s breath, candy tuft, love-in-as-mist, and corn poppy. 

Guy Jenkins, consumer manager, Johnsons Lawn Seed, said: “Our celebration wildflower tins are the perfect gifts that can provide a boost in sales while promoting the importance of having wildflowers in gardens. The perfect stocking filler, this living gift will create a thriving environment for pollinators that is crucial for our ecosystem and we hope environmentally aware customers will love our offering this Christmas.”

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