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A Bustling Landscape

Streamstown Wood public space designed by Austin Associates

Following a jam packed calendar of events Grainne Finn of The Irish Landscape Institute highlights just some of the key events this year.



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20 July 2015

2014-2015 was one of the Irish Landscape Institute’s (ILI)  best lecture series to date, with full house attendances and great feedback. Some of the highlights included presentations on Residential Landscape Design by Mike Biddulph and Restorative Environments and Health Centres by Dr. Jenny Roe in late 2014.

2015 launched with a two part series on Urban Hydrology and Design for Flood management in January and February 2015, with presentations by Landscape Architect Cathal O’Meara, MILI, and Gert-Jan Wisse, from Dutch Landscape Practice Bureau B+B.

In March 2015 ILI joined forces with the AAI to present a lecture by internationally renowned landscape and garden designer Peter Wirtz in Trinity College Dublin. Peter spoke about some of Wirtz International’s key public garden projects to a packed audience.

Landscape designed by Peter WirtzILI also ran a one-day seminar on Historic Landscape Conservation in association with the Irish Georgian Society, and co-hosted a lecture by Professor Caroline Constant on the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm.

Special thanks are due to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) An Bord Bia, and OMOS Street Furniture (  for their support of our programme.

Plans are now underway for the 2015-2016 programme which kicks off in Autumn 2015,  and we hope to run seminars on the National Landscape Strategy, and Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Assessment, as well as our usual monthly multi-disciplinary design lectures on a broad range of landscape topics.

The ILI Awards are back!

We are delighted to announce that the ILI Awards will run this Autumn. The prizegiving is scheduled for mid-October 2015 with the award-winning schemes being on exibition for two weeks at the Irish Architectural Archive.

This year we will be running the first ever Public Choice Award for designed landscapes in Ireland, with voting open to the public via our website. Submissions will open shortly, and details and dates will be announced soon!

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