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Bord Bia launches €1M ‘more-ganic’ campaign to boost Irish organic sector

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch via Pexels

The campaign aims to increase support for the organic sector running from November 6 to 17 December



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23 November 2023

Bord Bia’s ‘more-ganic’ campaign has kicked off, starting on November 6 and continuing until 17 December, with a second wave planned for next spring as part of a three-year initiative to support the organic sector.

The campaign is one component of Bord Bia’s broader efforts to bolster the organic market. This includes extensive research into the organic market in Ireland and abroad, trade advertising, retailer activations in key European markets, and increased participation at trade fairs.

Currently, the Irish market consumes 50% of all organic lamb produced in Ireland, with the rest exported, primarily to Germany and Belgium. Over one-third of all organic Irish beef is sold domestically, with the remaining two-thirds destined for Germany (25%), the UK (22%), and the Netherlands (5%). Similarly, 30% of organic oats are consumed in Ireland, while half of all organic oat exports go to the UK. The domestic market accounts for 95% of organic eggs and 90% of organic dairy sales. Organic Irish fruit and vegetables hold a 7% share of the organic fresh produce market in Ireland.

Emmet Doyle, organic sector manager, Bord Bia, said: “Bord Bia research into the organic market found that there is already strong goodwill and positivity towards organic produce among Irish consumers. The goal of the campaign is to translate that goodwill into purchases. 

“We’re using the tagline ‘more-ganic’ to encourage consumers to add more organic produce to their shopping basket. The campaign has been rigorously tested and refined using consumer focus groups, and we hope it will have a strong impact among the target audience.”

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