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Bord Bia launches new Quality Mark Campaign

Campaign encourages shoppers to buy more quality assured food in support of quality assured farmers and producers



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25 August 2022

In response to the continued rising energy and animal feed costs, Bord Bia has launched a new consumer advertising campaign in the domestic market to encourage shoppers to buy more quality assured food and in doing so, help secure the future of quality assured farmers and producers.

At a time of rising food prices, the campaign aims to remind shoppers of the important role that quality assured farmers, growers and producers play in delivering the best of quality assured food to them.

Themed ‘The Power of Your Food Choices’ , the campaign aired for five weeks from 16 June to 17 July and will air again for three weeks from 29 August to 18 September. This will be supported by ongoing digital advertising for 12 weeks throughout this period.

The first burst consists of the following activities:

  • Radio advertising across five national and 16 local radio stations for five weeks
  • Advertising on digital audio streaming services (e.g. Spotify) and podcasts for five weeks
  • Over 260 outdoor poster sites across key urban locations and national routes for two weeks (from 4 July)
  • Online advertising featuring producer stories across Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok for 12 weeks
  • Home page takeovers with display advertising on three online national newspaper and the RTE website for 12 weeks

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