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Easy Petrol Post Driver now available from Geaney & O’Neill

An operator of the Easy Petrol Post Driver. Photo: Geaney & O'Neill.

The Easy Petrol Post Driver combines the reliability and power of the Honda GX35T four-stroke engine with the comfort of cushioned spring handles to promote operator comfort and efficiency.



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19 November 2019

The Easy Petrol Post Driver from Geaney & O’Neill is designed to knock any size stake, peg, or post into the ground, up to a four-inch diameter (subject to soil conditions), and is powered by a four-stroke Honda GX35T 1kW motor.

The ultra-reliable and compact Honda GX35T four-stroke engine creates a high-impact hammer action of 1,720 blows per minute , which will drive a post into the ground in a matter of seconds.

The post driver is ideal for inaccessible places, as it is light enough to put in the operators car at 15.3kg, allowing many hours of fatigue-free operation.

The operator is isolated from the hammering action via spring cushioned handles. The machine’s internal components are manufactured from the highest-quality precision machined materials to give the longest tool-life possible.

The Easy Petrol Post Driver can drive up to 500 posts per litre of fuel, resulting in cheaper running costs. The ability to operate this machine in hard-to-reach areas, as well as for quick and emergency projects, can save the operator the costs of having to ship large expensive machinery to the site.

The machine comes with a one-year motor and assembly warranty, and Clipex attachments are available from Geaney & O’Neill to complete the machine.


  • Two, three, and four-inch adapters available.
  • Fencing – timber and angle iron posts.
  • Landscaping – tree stakes.
  • Nurseries – tree and plant support.
  • Vineyards – especially steep hillsides.
  • Farming – sheep and cattle fencing.
  • Construction – temporary fencing/shuttering/ground pinning.
  • Contractors – tent stakes/ground anchors/signage.
  • Festival/Fair organisers – signage/temporary fencing.

For more information and pricing, contact Geaney & O’Neill via email or call: +353 21 482-2465. Or check out their website here.

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