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Ensuring plant health in warm weather

ICL’s professional horticultural team advises growers to review plant nutrition levels during warm weather

Following spells of warm weather which hit the UK and Ireland earlier this summer ICL advises growers on how to ensure plant health.



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19 July 2015

With heat waves recently hitting the UK and Ireland and the expected return of warm weather, ICL’s professional horticultural team (formerly Everris) advises growers to consider the impact on plant nutrition to ensure plants remain in tip-top condition through to the end of the sales season.

“Hot dry weather leads to more irrigation cycles potentially leading to leaching – particularly nitrate nitrogen from growing media. If applying water soluble fertilisers regularly growers need to adjust the feed strength, taking into account the increased irrigation cycles – it is important to be mindful that excess feed can produce soft stretched growth” explains Andrew Wilson, ICL technical manager for fertilisers.

Wilson adds “Excess irrigation in hot spells can cause leaching so check irrigation is applied evenly and the quantity is just sufficient. Meanwhile temperature impacts on plant growth as well as release from controlled release fertilizers (CRFs).”

ICL’s award winning Angelaweb precision nutrition programme is helping growers by accurately calculating nutrition programmes taking in to account the plants’ nutrient demand as well as the quantity of water applied.

Using release curves, generated by AngelaWeb, ICL technical advisors can fine-tune the choice of CRF. The programme takes in to account release pattern, longevity and rate applied and matches it to the crop’s nutrient demand, taking into account the growing system and local climate data.

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