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From ocean waste to chic garden furniture: DuraOcean second generation launched

The new DuraOcean Panama chair from LifestyleGarden. Photo: LifestyleGarden.

The current DuraOcean chair – made from recycled ocean plastic waste such as recycled nets, ropes, and trawls from the maritime industry – is about to embark on its next chapter with the introduction of a unique crossover design.



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12 August 2020

DuraOcean from LifestyleGarden was launched to critical acclaim at SOLEX 2019 a key demonstrator of environmental responsibility and innovation within the outdoor leisure sector since.

The next generation of DuraOcean will look a little different as it makes its debut appearance within the newly launched Panama collection as a new black high-back stackable chair.

The new Panama DuraOcean chair will comprise of 3.5kg of recycled ocean plastic waste – helping to contribute to the total amount of ocean plastic waste that DuraOcean has succeeded in removing or preventing from reaching the oceans so far, which currently stands at more than 150,000kgs.

Each chair will be supplied with newly designed point-of-sale that will help to challenge and educate the consumer on the past life of the material and how each chair is helping to make a difference to this vulnerable part of our ecosystem.

The new look DuraOcean chair will be available in several different configurations, providing retailers and consumers with a range of choices to meet budgets and different garden sizes and styles.

From a two-seater bistro set incorporating the new slatted chair design, to a full 6-8 seat dining set option when paired with LifestyleGarden’s new full aluminium Panama Tables.

The new Panama range will also feature additional options for seating which will include an alternative new high-backed, padded chair design. Additional options within the range will include four, six, and eight-seater dining sets, the latter two also coming complete with two recliner chairs.

The Panama range is made from weatherproof, lightweight, and sustainable aluminium, and requires little-to-no assembly or ongoing maintenance.

The new-for-2021 Panama collection is completed by the introduction of unique sofa designs which can be comfortably enjoyed with or without the deep-filled and highly durable Olefin cushions, making it a true year-round solution.

“There is no doubt that the introduction of new DuraOcean® designs are a real game changer.”, said Paul Cohen, sales director at LifestyleGarden.

Cohen continued: “Recycled ocean plastic chairs were, just 12-18 months ago, considered an elite offering, reserved for conceptual design only. But with DuraOcean we have proven that this material isn’t unachievable for mass manufacturing. Instead, we have made it possible for anyone to make more environmentally conscious decisions, all supported by an affordable price tag and unprecedented retailer buy in. We’re excited to roll out more designs utilising the DuraOcean model and hope that one day all furniture will be made from recycled material and driven by a desire to safeguard the world around us.”

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