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ICL Introduces new hand-held spreaders

ICL’s HandyPro

The ShakerPro and HandyPro offer convenience and efficiency for turf managers and landscaping professionals


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30 April 2024

ICL has announced the addition of two new hand-held spreaders to its range: the ShakerPro and the HandyPro. These compact tools are designed for turf managers and landscaping professionals looking for a convenient solution for small-scale applications.

The HandyPro is a hand-held rotary spreader. It allows for the easy application of ICL fertiliser or grass seed with just a turn of the handle. Its design focuses on ease of use and comfort, making it an excellent choice for quick and small-scale spreading tasks. Its portability and straightforward mechanism make it a valuable tool applying products to small areas.

Similarly, the ShakerPro is a shaker style spreader, offering users a simple and efficient way to apply the ICL range of fertilisers, granular wetting agents, and seeds to small areas. Its hand-held design is particularly suited for tasks such as divot repair, where targeted application is more important than extensive coverage. The ShakerPro stands out for its ease of handling and for making fertilisation and seeding on small areas hassle-free.

The ShakerPro and HandyPro and are now available through ICL’s network of distributors. Both spreaders have been added to Turf Rewards. The ShakerPro can be claimed for just 5 points and the HandyPro 10 points.

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