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Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces install new IAAF Track

The Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces has installed a new athletics track in Galway
The Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces has installed a new athletics track in Galway

Galway City Council install Irelands newest IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) standard Athletics Track designed by the Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces.


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17 September 2015

Installing outdoor sports surfaces demands specific expertise, a high level of precision and experience explains Donal Kearney MSc & BSc Sports Surfaces Consultant and Agronomist provides when discussing his latest project in Galway for the Irish Institute of Sports Surfaces.

Accommodating specific site conditions whilst ensuring that your surface performance characteristics over the entire surface provide the requirements for the end user always should be the aim according to Kearney.

With a very challenging but manageable site in Galway Kearney first investigated it for its underlying conditions. The decision to upgrade the facilities in Westside Galway presented a great opportunity to improve the facility for the local community in Galway.

An upgraded surface was installed to provide opportunities for the enthusiastic in athletics to encourage others to become involved in outdoor sporting which goes with the entire landscaping theme of the park in Westside Galway.

A minimum surface standard was decided upon to deliver for all categories of users for the athletics track which is a minimum surface standard for the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation).

An all-weather porous polyurethane track surface that will be usable in almost all weather conditions without compromising the consistency of the surface performance. With proper maintenance these standards should be kept for years to come.

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