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Handy storage solutions from Biohort

The Europa garden and tool shed from Biohort. Photo: Biohort.

Biohort's Equipment Locker, AvantGarde, and Europa storage solutions have proven themselves on the market, with the Europa line securing over 150,000 sold units to-date.



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10 April 2019

Everyone has experienced storage problems for items such as sports equipment, garden tools, foldable garden chairs, cushions, bicycles, decorations, or items that have no real place, now your customers can stay organised with Biohort’s garden and tool sheds.

Biohort offers a wide variety of storage solutions for everything your customers love but don’t want to have laying around. Everything can be kept neat and tidy in a Biohort garden and tool shed.

Europa garden and tool shed

The Europa provides quality at a reasonable price, with convenient double doors as standard.

Proven and tested for decades and still very popular, more than 150,000 Biohort Europa sheds have been sold to-date. The Europa is as popular today as it was when it was first launched.

The reasons are clear: its highly stable and functional design, combined with long lasting durable materials, low maintenance costs, and Biohort’s standard 20-year guarantee.

Available in nine sizes, four colours, and with many handy accessories – also available as combined sheds for even more storage space.

AvantGarde garden and tool shed

The AvantGarde is a top-quality tool shed with sloping roof and 360-degree daylight roof design.


The AvantGarde lives up to its name as an extremely robust and sturdy metal garden shed which meets the requirements of modern architecture.

Its attractive appearance and the numerous practical advantages it offers for daily use will guarantee endless enjoyment.

It is lifelong maintenance-free and will save your customers money, as well as valuable time.

Equipment Locker

Where storage space is scarce, the Biohort Equipment Locker shows its class. In the garden, on the terrace, in the garage, or on the balcony, it organises and stores your customers’ tools without restricting their living space.

Equipment Locker

If installed outdoors, the Biohort Equipment Locker also protects its contents from both rain and theft. Its compact size and elegant design blend in harmoniously with your surroundings.

Available in three sizes, four colours, and with many handy accessories.

Interested in becoming a Biohort dealer ahead of the summer months? Visit Biohort’s website or email:

Biohort’s partners in Ireland currently include: DYG Howbert & Mays Gardens, Outdoor Living Munster, The OutdoorScene, and Awnings of Ireland.

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