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How AdWords can grow your business’s webshop

AdWords is a very smart way to get more footfall into your garden centre and to make it even better: Garden Connect is offering this service the first 3 months for free when you sign up by the end of September!

Garden Connect can help you target the customers your business depends on using targeted search words and location.



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27 September 2017

Millions of consumers around the world are clicking on Google AdWords ads every day. Garden Connect helps you to attract visitors from your own area to your garden centre via dedicated AdWords campaigns.

How does AdWords work?

You can target visitors based on keywords and their location via AdWords. So if consumers are looking for olive trees in Northampton, your garden centre in Northampton can be shown.

It may sound easy but AdWords is a job on its own! Garden Connect is a Google Partner and has got a team of certified marketeers working solely on AdWords campaigns. That’s how we assure we get a good return on your pennies compared to doing it yourself!

What does Garden Connect do?

At Garden Connect we focus on relevant keywords for your garden centre. So we don’t try to get as many people as possible on your website but want to get value for money.

We analyse very step: from the first click to the page visitors leave your website. As soon as possible we get rid of keywords which aren’t working to save you budget.

How much does it cost?

The costs depend on your requirements and website. If you have a garden centre without a webshop we can offer a very competitive rate: we can get you visitors for just £0.25 each! That includes the optimisation and management of your campaigns as well as the costs charged by Google AdWords.

Signup by the end of September to benefit from maximum exposure over the busy Christmas season and to get your first 3 months free!

Visit Garden Connect at Four Oaks or go to for more information. Alternatively, give us a ring on +44 203 475 5541 to learn more.

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