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Johnsons Lawn Seed at Glee 2016

Johnson Seeds showcased at Glee 2016

Johnsons Lawn Seed introduced exciting new product packaging at Glee



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2 October 2016

In an exciting move Johnsons Lawn Seed launched its recharged branding at Glee 2016. Waving goodbye to its old packaging design which has graced the shelves of retailers for the last decade, the new look Johnsons Lawn Seed marks a new era for the UK’s favourite consumer lawn seed provider.

Born from a desire to create something new and exciting for the garden retail market, as well as a direct result of ongoing feedback from a number of focus groups and consumer research, Johnsons Lawn Seed’s new look offers something completely different to what is currently already available.

With a strong colour palette, the new packaging takes a step away from the green colours that dominate garden centre shelves and creates an eye-catching display with its charcoal grey and accent colour collection, which directly correlates to each product in the range. With updated front of pack information, plus an easy to understand seed data section, it has never been easier or quicker for consumers to make educated purchases at the point of sale.

Each pack also features a QR code which, when scanned, leads consumers to Johnsons’ quick advice YouTube videos, plus each box comes complete with a re-sealable side, increasing its shelf-life.

Guy Jenkins from DLF, Johnsons Lawn Seed’s parent company said: “The redesign of the packaging has been a work in progress for some time. It was important that we got it right, which is why we have taken our time to consult with the latest market research and consumer focus groups, as well as working with our retail customers to create a style and look that met the combined needs and wants. Our new packaging is slick, contemporary and creates a real point of difference within the retail environment. What’s more, it makes it easy for customers to find the right lawn seed for their gardens simply by glancing at the front of the box! We hope the industry loves it as much we do!”

Green Lawn Technology

Johnsons Lawn Seed’s new packaging comes at a time when the company has been heavily investing in the product inside the box. Earlier this year, the company brought to market one of the most exciting lawn seed innovations for many years. Rolled out across its General Purpose, Tuffgrass, Quick Fix and Quick Lawn products, the new formula lawn seed represented a significant evolution within lawn seed technology. Marked as ‘Green Lawn Technology’ on the new packaging, Johnsons Lawn Seed will be investing time and effort in 2017 to further communicate the benefits of this new technology to end users.

Guy Jenkins added: “We are passionate about delivering a product that achieves real results for customers. Our ‘Green Lawn Technology’ has been developed through years and years of dedicated R&D. Put simply this new technology means that a lawn grown from our seed will benefit from a number of time and money saving benefits – including quicker germination and establishment, the ability to sow at temperatures as low as 3°C, improved colour, better drought tolerance and the need to water and fertilise less regularly compared to other lawn seed products. This new technology really is a game changer, and we’re excited to continue to roll this out into the market”

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