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Lechuza shares its top tips for container gardening


Container gardening gets the RHS seal of approval



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20 May 2021

Container gardening has recently received the official seal of approval by the RHS as it is confirmed that this popular style of gardening will be added as a new category for those gardeners that lack space but not ambition.

This year’s event, which will take place in 21 – 26 September for the first time in 108 years, will be celebrating the best of container gardening including balcony and veranda gardens, in a nod to those urban gardeners which took to gardening in their droves during lockdown. It has been confirmed that there will be five balcony gardens measuring just 5m x 2m, and also a container garden which will measure 4m x 3m.

Experts in self-watering planters Lechuza has shared its top tips for container gardening.

What is container gardening?

Growing plants in containers – whether that means dedicated pots and planters or getting adventurous and re-purposing anything from retro teapots and vintage tin cans, to an old kitchen sink, is container gardening.

This type of gardening is ideal for people with limited outdoor space, but it can also add interest and create versatility to large gardens without the added maintenance and time that goes with growing in large beds.

Flexible and versatile

Whether you have a small garden or no garden at all, there is an option for every space: balconies, windowsills, patios, and that houseplant corner in the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

It also means you can move your pots around as and when you want; for example, if you decide you want to switch up an arrangement, change your plants with the seasons, or if you move to a new house. With this in mind, container gardening is a great solution for renters, meaning you never have to leave your beloved plants behind.

It’s convenient

You can locate and maintain your pots wherever you want, so if you’re growing herbs or vegetables, keep them handy for cooking by setting them up close to the back door or porch, where you can nip out and grab what you need. To keep your tasty plants even closer to hand, place a collection of pots on a windowsill or kitchen worktop, so they are within a reach for a quick snip.

Easy to maintain

Container gardening is ideal to help people flex the green thumbs they never knew they had. Forget back-breaking weeding because pots don’t get as many weeds as flowerbeds – and even if they do get some, they are easy to pull up.

No need for bulky gardening tools

With no need to till the soil, weed and do other garden chores typically associated with planting and maintaining beds, you don’t need to own and store all that big, heavy equipment, saving you money space.

Perfect for kids

Container gardening is a fun and versatile approach to growing, so what a great way to introduce kids to gardening without overwhelming them. With Lechuza self-watering planters helping guarantee greater success, there will be proud smiles all round.

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