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Men’s Shed turns greenhouse thanks to KSB

KSB Greenhouse's "Strong" model of greenhouse was built for Kilcock's Men Shed. Photo: KSB Greenhouse.

KSB Greenhouse provide high quality polycarbonate greenhouses designed to create a climate favorable for the cultivation of horticultural crops on farmlands.



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25 October 2018

Kilcock Men’s Shed has started planting in their brand new greenhouse thanks to KSB Greenhouse and Naas Nissan.

“It was a pleasure for KSB Greenhouse to assemble a greenhouse for Kilcock Community Men’s Shed.

“It was a delightful experience to erect a high quality greenhouse for these men. We are very proud to have assembled a greenhouse for a great cause. They were great company and a great helping hand too.” said Peter Brencis, owner of KSB Greenhouse.


The “Strong” greenhouse under construction at Kilcock’s Men Shed. Photo: KSB Greenhouse.

The “Strong” model of greenhouse built at Kilcock’s Men Shed is 3m x 8m (9.8ft x 26ft); including delivery and assembly, the total cost was €1,140.

Brencis continued: “The greenhouse has two door openings and two small windows at opposite ends. The frame is made of galvanised steel, and is assembled with screws and nuts. It has high quality 4mm twinwall polycarbonate, UV-protected, with high thermal insulation. The vertical beams of the frame are equipped with T-shaped anchors that are dug into the ground.

“The men were thrilled with the end results of the greenhouse and they were eager to start growing their own fresh crops.”

Commenting on his business and the reception he has had so far, Brencis said: “The business in 2018 is astonishing , there is a high demand for our greenhouses now in early Spring.

“Personally I think the people in our market are looking for high quality, long lasting, and good looking greenhouses in which they can grow organic fresh fruit and veg and also some exotic crops no matter what the weather is outside.


The vertical beams of the “Strong” frame are equipped with T-shaped anchors that are dug into the ground. Photo: KSB Greenhouse.

“Our clients love the sturdiness of our greenhouses because they know they can rely on them when bad weather hits. They also enjoy the high quality UV- protected polycarbonate due to its high thermal insulation and it being a very clear material to let lots of sun through.” he concluded.

KSB Greenhouse was formed in 2016 as a family run business but now currently has four employees.

To see KSB Greenhouse’s recently assembled greenhouses visit their Facebook page @ksbgreenhouse and for more greenhouse options and info contact:
Phone: 0838848914

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