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Neudorff, DLF Seeds unveil combined lawncare offering

Photo: Matthias Cooper.

Both firms’ lawncare portfolios tap into the latest consumer trends for organic lawn fertilisers that are easy and safe to use, while delivering exceptional performance



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27 January 2022

The combined, market-leading lawncare offering from natural gardening pioneer Neudorff and DLF Seeds, parent company of Johnsons Lawn Seed, is poised to help retailers to maximise potential in lawncare categories this season.

DLF Seeds was appointed exclusive UK distributor for Neudorff in 2019. Now, working as a combined force, both firms’ lawncare portfolios tap into the latest consumer trends for organic lawn fertilisers that are easy and safe to use in the vicinity of children and pets – while offering a class-leading range of lawn seed that germinates rapidly and delivers exceptional performance.

As we head towards the 2022 lawncare season, Neudorff, pioneers in natural gardening, will be tapping into the growing trend for natural lawncare with its Organic CleanLawn, a three-in-one organic fertiliser that clearly communicates its benefits – thicker, greener and a more drought-resistant lawn – to consumers. The innovative formulation, which has an indirect action against moss and weeds, also taps into the trend for low-maintenance gardening, as no scarifying is necessary.

Organic CleanLawn, in its stand-out green-and-yellow Neudorff livery, is ideal for merchandising alongside Johnsons Lawn Seed’s extensive grass seed portfolio, providing consumers with everything they require to sow and maintain a first-rate lawn. With more than 200 years’ experience at the cutting edge of lawn seed technology, the Johnsons range comprises the innovative new Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance as well as proven sellers such as Luxury Lawn, Lawn Thickener, Shady Place and After Moss Lawn Seed.

Leading the charge against moss infestations is Neudorff’s CleanLawn Moss Control for Lawns Concentrate. Biodegradable and based on the active ingredient pelargonic acid, this driver of brand loyalty offers fast, visible results. New for the 2022 season, curved bottles are being replaced by an ergonomic, upright design that’s easier to handle, while revised labelling reinforces the glyphosate-free message and drives awareness of the moss killer’s fast action.

“This year we have seen increased media focus on novel ways to maintain quality lawns without the use of traditional chemicals,” said Guy Jenkins, consumer manager at DLF Seeds. “Neudorff has been leading the transition towards organic and natural lawncare and new ergonomically designed concentrate bottles with enhanced labelling will accelerate purchases of lawncare remedies based on natural, raw materials – especially as the UK is currently witnessing ideal conditions for moss to thrive in domestic lawns.”

For more information about Neudorff and Johnsons Lawn Seed’s leading lawncare ranges visit and

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