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New organic insect fertiliser from Hexafly

Photo: Markus Spiske

Suitable for commercial and small-holding horticulture practices as well as the home-gardening



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25 March 2021

Irish producer Hexafly has launched a new organic insect fertiliser – Hexafrass.

Certified organic by the Irish Organic Association (IOA), Hexafrass is suitable for a variety of commercial and small-holding horticulture practices as well as the home-gardener and GIYer. It’s of particular interest to organic soft-fruit growers, vegetable and flower producers, viticulturists, and garden enthusiasts.

Made by award-winning insect producer Hexafly in Co. Meath, Hexafrass is derived from the castings of the Black Soldier Fy (BSF). It contains chitin, a naturally powerful, bio-active ingredient that effectively works as a three-in-one soil amendment. Firstly, it locks in nitrogen, has wonderful slow-release nitrogen properties, and as well as pre-charging the soil with healthy microbes, it strengthens a plants’ natural defence against pests and diseases.

What is chitin?

Commonly found in the outer coverings of insects and shellfish, as well as in the cell walls of fungi and algae, chitin, is a modified polysaccharide that contains nitrogen (N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) a derivative of glucose. When plants are in the presence of chitin it increases the bio-active health and performance of plants by stimulating and balancing micro-organisms in the soil. It also activates immune responses and elevates natural defences against attack from insects and diseases.

Hexafress contains chitin, chitin-melanin compounds, fatty acids, proteins, and cellulose. It has over 27% bioavailable protein, giving positive nitrogen over time. An NPK 3-2-1, with high in organic matter 60%+.

How to use

It’s recommended to use less over time, compared to other mineral soil balancers. Either combine it with water or scatter it across the soil, much like other soil improvers and fertilisers.

Hexafrass is available in a 5l bucket from Unichem and Goldcrop in ROI.

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